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Bayou Storage Solutions Community Guidelines

October 25, 2022


The call-center accepts calls 24/7

The office hours are listed accurately on Google, YELP, & our website homepage. 

Customers have facility access 24 hours a day.


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  Community Guidelines: (see also your Renter's Agreement) 

1. Only authorized access users permitted on property. You are responsible for the behavior of you and your guests while on the premises. There will be a cleaning fee if you or your guests leave any trash or belongings on the ground, anywhere outside of your unit or on the premesis. This also applies to hired movers - be sure to inform them about this prior to moving in. 

2. No tenant can use their storage unit as a residence. 

3. Do not store flammables, explosives, or hazardous material. No food or drink is permitted to be stored. All refrigerators, ice chests, & deep freezers must be emptied prior to storing.

4. The police often patrol INSIDE our facility after hours, with their own access codes. Do not interfere with any police action. 

5. "lock-out": All access to a delinquent unit is denied 1 day after the due date. After the account is paid in full, the lock on the unit will be removed the NEXT business day, when the facility walk is completed. The manager is not obligated to remove the lock immediately, and the lock will be removed no later than the next business day. (morning facility walk)


Tips on storing possessions 

  1. Use pallets to raise possessions off of the ground. (if unit is non-climate controlled)

  1. Cover furniture with plastic

  2. Wood furniture: clean and wax to provide extra moisture. 

  1. Leather furniture is very susceptible to mold and mildew. Remove dirt, grime and excess moisture before storing.  

  1. Use moisture absorbing pads/beads 

  2. Visit your storage room regularly and leave door open to circulate air.  



        Moving Out

1. Remove all belongings, and also anything deemed as "trash" from the unit. Leave nothing inside the unit, and nothing outside of the unit. If anything remains inside or outside of your unit, you will be charged a cleaning fee, the unit will be locked until paid, and the monthly rent will continue to accrue until the remaining balance is pursued in collections. Unless the room is cleaned completely, inside and out, the tenant is not "moved-out". 

2. Remove your lock.

3. Inform the manager on duty, or the call-center, after you have finished cleaning the unit. The call center is open 24/7 and can take the message if needed. Move-out will only be officially completed the SAME DAY the facility is informed of the move-out. We do not pro-rate in or out, so move out must be completed the day before your due date. Any unpaid balance will be pursued in collections. The lease is month-to-month, no refunds will be processed for "unused" days. Please contact the office for more information. 


  Office Hours:

Tu, W, Th, F, Sa: 10am-5:30pm
Sunday/Monday we're closed

[we are also closed for lunch 1pm-2pm every day]


Delinquency & Fees (see your renters agreement)

$20 lock-cutting fee for any request to cut a lock from a unit. No customer is permitted to cut their own locks. This fee is also applied to any account that is in lien, being assessed for auction. 

$20 stop-auction fee. Once an account is in lien, the auction process has begun. There will be a $20 fee applied to all lien accounts in order to compensate the assessment process, and cover the fees accrued by the facility from the third party auction company. 

$15 late fee appliled to any account 10 days past due. An additional $5 applied when the account is 20 days past due. 

$25 trash pickup fee applied to any small trash left behind by the tenent or the tenents guests. 

$100 trash/disposal fee applied to anything left behind from a tenent that requires disposal... ie- furniture. This fee applies to each item, for a maximum of $500.